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Lynnwood, Washington Harassment Defense Attorney


Harassment charges can be very complicated. Harassment is often verbal and is subject to the victim's emotions and interpretation; you may be charged with making a threat that you did not even realize could be interpreted as such. In addition, the victim must also have reasonable fear that the threat will be carried out. Once you have been notified or have heard that a charge of harassment has been made against you, you should speak to an experienced and qualified domestic violence defense attorney in Washington. A charge of harassment can include any of the following allegations:

  • The threat of causing bodily harm
  • The threat of damaging property belonging to another
  • Restraining or confining another individual
  • Committing an act with the intent to harm another either physically or mentally

In Washington State, the courts are very reluctant to go easy on defendants charged with harassment and penalties may include significant jail time and large fine amounts. However, the prosecutor has to prove that you did indeed commit the harassment as charged. Therefore, you need someone who knows what it takes to contest these kinds of charges. At the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear, I have the familiarity and know-how to develop the most effective defense possible on your behalf.

What Can I Do?

Whether you have been wrongly accused of harassment or in the heat of the moment, chose the wrong words or actions, you need to retain the services of a well-trained, experienced lawyer. It is important for both you and your family that you give yourself a chance at obtaining the best outcome you can. Call my office for a no-cost initial consultation so I can begin defending you today. Because I have worked as both a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor, I can provide you with the experience, understanding and skill you need to address this difficult legal situation.

The charge of harassment is not taken lightly by the courts in Washington, so to give yourself the best chance of presenting a strong defense, Contact the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear as soon as possible.

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