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Lynnwood Domestic Violence Lawyer

Clients Come First at My Firm

I have taken on countless domestic violence cases during my time as a defense lawyer and I have the same approach to every case. No two cases are the same and I take on each case with a new outlook. These cases involve thorough investigations and defense to benefit the client. I fight for your needs and wants. Read some testimonials from previous clients to get a better feel for the representation I can provide you:

  • "I would recommend Lance as a lawyer to anyone because of his honesty, hard work, expertise and support."
  • "His simple words of encouragement through probably the most difficult period of my life meant just as much as the exceptional job he did representing my case."
  • "Lance is a life saver. I will definitely be passing out his business cards."
  • "Your knowledge and expertise was invaluable and I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking counsel from a professional and honest attorney."
  • "Your professionalism and commanding presence while negotiating in the courtroom gave me full confidence that you would succeed in our favor."

Contact me at (425)- 270-8714 if you are at risk of a domestic violence conviction.

Charged with domestic violence in Lynnwood?

Domestic violence is one of the most serious charges you can face in Washington. The maximum penalty for a domestic violence assault 4 charge is a $5000 fine and one year in jail. Similarly, malicious mischief, harassment and no contact order violations also carry a maximum $5000 fine and one year in jail. Things get even more serious if you are charged with a domestic violence-related felony. People are put in jail every day for domestic violence. In fact, if you are charged with a crime of domestic violence you have probably already been arrested, taken to jail and likely held overnight if not longer. Domestic violence is the only non-felony crime in Washington where the police are required by law to take someone to jail.

Domestic Violence Penalties in Washington

The consequences of a domestic violence charge could be life altering, whether or not you are convicted. This is because even an arrest or accusation is sometimes enough to dramatically affect a person's home life and social standing in the community. When children are involved, the stakes are raised even higher. Hefty fines, prison sentences, and probation time await those who are formally found guilty of a crime of domestic violence. However, even for those who are not convicted the consequences of an accusation could continue to plague the accused. Rather than risking a guilty conviction, or even a non-guilty charge, get the defense you need to protect against the possibility of unnecessary negative consequences.

As a former prosecutor, I know how the other side works. I spent seven years working as a prosecutor, and now I am able to use what I learned in my defensive representation of the criminally accused. Serious defense counsel is of the utmost importance in the face of such a harsh system of addressing suspected perpetrators of domestic violence, and that is why I highly recommend that you contact an attorney who is experienced in dealing with domestic violence charges, arrests and criminal cases in the Lynnwood area. You need a Lynnwood domestic violence defense lawyer who will fight for you.

Attorney for Domestic Violence Charges in Lynnwood

Clearly, defending a domestic violence case is a serious matter. My name is Lance Fryrear and I know best how to defend these charges. I have been successfully defending domestic violence charges for my clients for over a decade. My experience in handling so many of these cases gives me an edge in trying to keep you out of jail. You have to keep in mind that no matter what the victim wants in your case, domestic violence crimes are prosecuted by the state, not the victim, so the prosecutor will not just dismiss the case because the victim wants them to. Rest assured I know how to best handle your case and deal with the issues you are facing. I will find your best defense.

The following situations can all be handled by my office with the legal knowledge and representation you need at a difficult time:

For more information, you can get an overview of the domestic violence court process, or common domestic violence defenses, or visit our avoiding a no-contact order page for answers to common questions regarding the consequences of no-contact orders and how to avoid them. No matter the particular circumstances surrounding your Lynnwood domestic violence charges, your concerns and your needs, you will find straightforward answers and honest, professional representation at my firm. Your liberty, rights and future are of the utmost importance to me, and my team works tirelessly for every single one of our clients to prove this day in and day out.

What are my options?

I am sure you have many questions right now. You may be wondering:

  • What does a no-contact order mean?
  • Can I call my wife or husband or boyfriend or girlfriend?
  • What about my kids?
  • Can I go home?
  • Am I going to go to jail?
  • What is going to happen to me in court?

I can answer these questions and more. If you would like, I can even set you an appointment for a free consultation at my office to go over what really happened and what you should do next. Don't leave your defense to someone inexperienced in this complicated area of law. The prosecutor is going to be working hard against you; you need someone just as experienced with the system on your side. Look over the information here and then call me. I will be there for you.

For an experienced, aggressive and informed domestic violence attorney, contact the Law Office of Lance R. Fryrear today at (425)- 270-8714 .

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